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I have lived with degenerative bone disease, muscle and spinal imbalances my entire life, as well as having been an athlete: runner, lifter, cyclist, snowboarder, skiier, and much more.  What was in 1998 termed "ridiculitis" by a spine specialist, grew into a herniated disc until I had surgery in 2008, and a recurrence this year, 2015.  You can imagine how many doctors, physical therapists, accupuncturists, and anesthesiologists I have seen in that time frame.  A LOT!  NO ONE, again, NO ONE has EVER treated my body as a synergistic moving, living organism, let alone pay attention to the root cause of the injuries.

        After one session with her (seriously) I had a better understanding of how my body was compensating around pain and misalignment, and HOW TO MOVE CORRECTLY to prevent further dysfuntion. 

     Elizabeth is literally the most intelligent and well-rounded person I have ever met.  She is relentless in learning. She is like a total mind blow, every time I see her.  She thinks constantly about every single one of her clients, and literally devotes all of her energy to helping themlive freely and confidently within their own bodies.  I know that to be true, and I hope you are able to experience it for yourself.  It is like psychotherapy for your body.  Re-learning how to move.  It is quite simply amazing."

Beth P. Mota, Fitness Business Consultant


For the 20 years before meeting Elizabeth, I'd joined gyms, hired trainers, and started every diet plan known to man, just to quit after a few weeks - because of embarrassment about the way I looked, not getting results, and just getting down on myself really quickly. I made another impulsive decision to sign up with Liz, but she made me feel super comfortable right away, and was incredibly sensitive to my physical issues and more importantly, my emotional ones around weight loss and my body. I started training twice a week, then upped it to 3x a week, and now work out with her 4x every week. I look forward to it. During hard work weeks, it's often the best hour of my day. I feel better afterward, every single session. This is weird and unfamiliar territory. Now, after a year of her knowledgeable and skillful personal training, nutritional guidance and emotional support, I've lost 30+ lbs, and 19.25 inches. The progress is not just about my body changing - it's about so much more. And I'm not done yet! Thanks, coach.

Dr. Clarissa Slesar, Ph.D.


In Novemebr of 2013 Elizabeth began to mold, instruct and cajole my sixty four year not in such great shape body. While still a major work in progress, my fitness level, body shape and energy have all skyrocketed. Elizabeth has that rare ability to inspire you to perspire while you are having a modicum of fun but no injuries (real important). Brave Elizabeth and thanks!!

Denis Kelly, Mergers and Acquisitions


Elizabeth is a terrific trainer:  she built strength and flexibility, while helping me get out of pain.

Barry Friendman, Professor of Law, NYU


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