+ Bridging the gap between exercise and physical therapy +

+ Connecting the systems of the body to achieve fuller wellness +

+ Achieving true strength and resiliency from the Inside out +

-Certified Personal Trainer, NASM-
New York City
Personal training sessions and individualized programming arm the client with the attention and drive to accomplish goals and reach milestones.
A key component of the EH Fitness method is educating the client about their body and how to use it. After all, going to exercise without a basic understanding of muscles is like playing a sport without knowing the rules of the game.
"Rolling around on giant balls and hanging from bars while 80s music plays is horrible and painful"- said no one ever!
True physical fitness is when the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system play together in perfect harmony.
Joint range of motion and joint stability is the key to athlete-level fitness and a pain-free life. Say goodbye to your half hour in the stretch area and hello to flexibility that actually builds muscle and burns calories.
Regaining motor control and connectivity to underused muscle groups after prolonged repetitive activity (or lack thereof) is a key element required in both physical and mental strengthening.
The road to physical health can be challenging and emotional; the best trainers, educators and leaders possess the empathy and limitless patience required to assist and support people from all walks of life into a healthier body.
When the body becomes in sync with the mind, and when structural stability is achieved, physical and metal power is unstoppable.
From novice to professional, the integration of personal training and a fitness routine into one's life is a major step in developing a mindset that sees exercise being as vital in life as brushing your teeth.
Weak to strong//Large to small//Soft to dense//Slow to quick//Clumsy to agile//Hurt to healed//Good to Amazing
I am truly committed to helping people improve their lives in a realistic fashion; I live and breathe what I do and have experienced most of what ails the common person. I and am a dedicated learner and am constantly in conversation and sharing knowledge with my clients and colleagues
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